A Different Super Bowl Matchup: Politics vs. the N.F.L.

Despite the national tumult over immigration spilling over, Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “I’m singularly focused on the Super Bowl right now.”

Segregated Schools Are Stifling Students of Color

segregated schoolsThe American education system needs change—that’s one thing that most of us can agree on. Even as Betsy DeVos reveals her lack of experience and knowledge about public education, it is true that hyper-segregated public schools do little to provide a good education to poor children.

Economic Policy Institute researchers have released a comprehensive new report that shows that black and Hispanic students are achieving higher scores, but social class and English language learning gaps remain large.

“A founding tenet of American democracy is that merit, not accident of birth, should determine individuals’ income and social status,” says EPI economist Emma García, in a statement. “When characteristics such as race, gender, or parents’ economic and social capital, rather than their innate ability, hard work, and discipline systematically affect student success, this threatens democratic ideals. Our research highlights a major educational success story for some groups, but the system continues to fail low income students, who haven’t closed the gap with high income peers.”


Schools of Concentrated Poverty


In Five Key Trends in U.S. Student Performance, the authors show that students are harmed by attending high-poverty schools. “Attending a high-poverty school lowers math and reading achievement for students in all racial and ethnic groups, and the chances of ending up in such a school are largely determined by a student’s race and ethnicity and social class.” Black and Hispanic students—even if they are not poor—are much more likely than white or Asian students to be in high-poverty schools.

They are also much more likely to attend a school in which black and Hispanics make up more than 75% of the student body. Attending such racially segregated schools has a much larger negative effect on black, Hispanic, and Asian students’ achievement, than it does on that of white students.

“Policymakers should enhance support for low-income children and minorities at risk. More coordinated and widespread education policies would include investing in early childhood education, after school and summer enrichment programs, and dual language programs, to strengthen public education,” EPI research associate Martin Carnoy says in a statement. “Creating a strong public education system would help all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.”

To learn more, go here.

Before Many a Star’s Ascent, a Quiet Grounding in the Quaker Way

Penn Charter, a small Quaker academy, has produced many top athletes, including Matt Ryan, who will lead the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

CAN 2017: Egypte-Burkina Faso, un duel de gardiens

Ce mercredi 1er février, l’Egypte va affronter le Burkina Faso lors de la première demi-finale de la CAN 2017 au Stade de l’Amitié à Libreville. Une rencontre qui va opposer deux styles de jeu complètement différents. L’Egypte, équipe défensive, face au Burkina Faso, qui est porté vers l’attaque. La différence pourrait se faire sur des détails, et dans les cages de chacune des équipes, entre le Burkinabè Hervé Koffi et l’Egyptien Essam El Hadary.

Mali: les divisions de la CMA handicapent l’accord de paix

La Coordination des mouvements de l’Azawad (CMA) semble toujours plus divisée en son sein. Des divisions qui continuent de freiner l’application de l’accord de paix. Ce lundi, une partie de la CMA ne s’est pas présentée au Comité de suivi de l’accord, le CSA, qui réunit les groupes armés, la médiation internationale et de nombreux politiques et ambassadeurs.

En Centrafrique, «la LRA donne une légitimité aux groupes armés»

A l’occasion du procès de Dominic Ongwen qui se poursuit devant la CPI à La Haye, l’ONG The Resolve publie un nouveau rapport sur la LRA. On y apprend, par exemple, que le nombre de défections a baissé ces deux dernières années. Le départ de Dominic Ongwen en décembre 2014 est d’ailleurs l’une des dernières défections. On y apprend aussi que l’Armée de résistance du Seigneur est en fait divisée en deux groupes aujourd’hui. Celui du leader Joseph Kony et celui du docteur Achaye qui a fait défection en 2014. Paul Ronan, directeur de l’ONG The Resolve, détaille ce rapport au micro d’Anne Cantener.

Congo: inquiétude de la famille d’Augustin Kala Kala disparu depuis 9 jours

Où se trouve l’opposant congolais Augustin Kala Kala, l’un des plus proches collaborateur du candidat à la présidentielle André Okombi Salissa ? Liliane Moukoulou sa seconde épouse dit être sans nouvelle de lui depuis que dans la nuit du 28 au 29 septembre dernier. Une dizaine d’hommes armés en civils sont venus le chercher à son domicile.

How to Improve Your Website’s SEO Ranking Through Readable Content

SEO“Why isn’t my website converting like it should?”

It’s a question I’m tasked with answering on a daily basis at Eyeflow, making it one of the top reasons people come to us in the first place. When business leaders launch a website, they automatically feel as though they should be on top of Google’s search engine rankings, and customers should be flocking to them in record-setting numbers. That’s often far from the case.

So, how do I answer their question? Well, for me, it’s simple. It’s a mistake I’ve seen time and time again throughout the years. It’s an issue of readability.

Readability has long been thought to be a huge factor in either attracting or losing visitors on your website. No matter how hard you work to improve your website, gain new positioning in search engine rankings, or attract more visitors, it’s a waste of your time if you’re not providing high-quality appealing content. Here are some surefire ways to start building your website into something your customers will actually enjoy reading.

Make Text More Readable

By now, everyone knows that long paragraphs containing huge chunks of text are a big turn off for readers, who are more attuned to snippets of compact information that provide exactly what is needed without the fluff. Web surfers are growing more and more adept at picking out just the pearls and leaving the big empty shells behind.

But long paragraphs aren’t the only hindrance to easy reading. Here are some more tips that you should take into consideration.

  • Be aware of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. So your site isn’t exactly an English lesson. But if your text is littered with misspellings and bad grammar, it can easily cause readers to jump to a better-composed one. Punctuation is intended to make sentences more readable, providing visual cues to group phrases and convey intent.

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Phil Laboon is a serial entrepreneur and investor. His latest investment is WUDN, which creates natural, simple, sustainable wooden products.

BusinessCollective, launched in partnership with Citi, is a virtual mentorship program powered by North America’s most ambitious young thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners.

Don’t Overlook HR: 6 Mistakes That Can Be Costly for Your Startup

HRIn the process of building my company, I would often find myself jolted awake at 3 a.m. wondering if there was some regulation we weren’t compliant with. And how would I even know? So, I’d grab my laptop and start searching everything from, “What are the labor laws in my area?” to, “Do I have to provide disability insurance?” After reading confusing, jargon-filled documents, I’d glance over and see 6:00 a.m. flashing across the clock, indicating that it was time to head into the office.

This scenario seems all too common for a busy startup founder. While many universities provide classes on negotiations or sales, often an entrepreneur is left without training on the actual legalities of running a company. I know I felt that way as we got off the ground. But this lack of education can lead to unintentional—and costly—mistakes.

Don’t Overlook HR

Last year, a former Zocdoc employee sued the company for a culture they believed replicated a college frat house. But why didn’t the employee speak up sooner? Many startups don’t have the right infrastructure to deal with HR infractions and collecting feedback from employees isn’t a priority. Offering employees an open door policy with management and a forum to voice grievances can make all the difference.

Having company policies outlined can prevent confusion and avoid preventable litigation. For instance, as BoardVitals grew, it was important for all members of the team to be on the same page about company policies. In our onboarding guide, we created a central document where employees can learn about sick days, vacation time and company procedures. This sort of guide helps employees get up to speed on company policies and inner workings.

Read more at www.businesscollective.com…

Lindsay Tanne is co-founder and COO of LogicPrep, an education company that helps families navigate the college admissions landscape.

BusinessCollective, launched in partnership with Citi, is a virtual mentorship program powered by North America’s most ambitious young thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners.

Renting vs. Owning: The Pros And The Cons

OwningOwning (Image: iStock.com/designer49)
Debating over whether you should lease a luxury car or buy a more economical vehicle? Thinking about renting a high-rise apartment in the city vs. buying a suburban condo or your first home?

Either way, there will be pros and cons no matter which decision you make. For example, it could cost you a lot more money to buy a house rather than sign a lease to rent an apartment. However, in the long-run, the value of the house may increase over time, whereas the owner of your apartment could decide to increase your rent.

Watch this video below for more tidbits on the pros and cons of renting property compared to owning property.


Gabon: «journée de recueillement» pour les victimes à l’appel de Jean Ping

Après les violences post-électorales, Jean Ping a appelé les Gabonais à observer ce jeudi 6 octobre une «journée nationale de recueillement» pour les morts et de compassion pour les familles endeuillées. L’opposant a invité les Gabonais à rester chez eux. L’occasion de faire le point sur les victimes.

RCA: violents affrontements à Bangui après l’assassinat d’un colonel

En République centrafricaine, un calme précaire régnait ce mardi soir dans la capitale après les violents affrontements qui ont éclaté dans la matinée suite à l’assassinat d’un colonel de l’armée centrafricaine. Le bilan fait pour l’instant état d’au moins huit morts, dont le colonel, et de plusieurs dizaines de blessés.

Saying Goodbye to Best-Selling Author Gloria Naylor

GloriaLeaving behind a body of literary gold, it has been confirmed that award-winning author Gloria Naylor died from heart failure last Wednesday at the age of 66.

Naylor was best known for her highly acclaimed debut novel, The Women of Brewster Place, which was praised for depicting the strength, unity, and relationships of black women living in a housing project. The 1982 novel became a best-seller and earned Naylor a National Book Award in 1983, the same year that she obtained a master’s degree from Yale University.

During her acceptance speech, the New York native said that she wrote the novel as a tribute to her mother and other black women who, “in spite of the very limited personal circumstances, somehow manage to hold a fierce belief in the limitless possibilities of the human spirit,” reports The Huffington Post.

In 1989, the book was adapted into a mini-series through Harpo Productions, starring Oprah Winfrey, Cicely Tyson, and Robin Givens. Following The Women of Brewster Place, the writer published other literary treasures including Linden Hills, Mama Day, and Bailey’s Café.

Along with being known as a provocative fictional writer, Naylor began teaching literature courses at several colleges, including New York University, Cornell University, and George Washington University later in her career.

In wake of the news of her death near her home in the Virgin Islands, a number of writers voiced their admiration for Naylor. On Twitter, Terry McMillan encouraged everyone to “read everything Gloria Naylor has ever written,” while Tayari Jones tweeted that Naylor helped launch her career.

Black Enterprise’s very own Tech Editor, Samara Lynn, also credits Naylor’s Mama Day for being a personal inspiration and influencing her to become a writer.

“The travails of everyday life against the backdrop of mysticism fascinated me,” says Lynn. “That book made me want to go to Brooklyn College, Naylor’s alma mater.”





Why Black Youth Need Positive Black Images

imagesIn the 1940s, psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark designed an experiment to assess the psychological effect of segregation on black children. Black children were asked, “Which doll looks like you?” Many responded by either refusing to answer the question or by crying profusely and running out of the examination room. During a particularly disturbing episode in rural Arkansas, a black child pointed at the brown doll and responded, “That’s a nigger. I’m a nigger.”

Internalization of Anti-Black Bias


In total, 65% of the black children who participated in the study indicated a preference for the white doll. These findings were used by the Supreme Court to illustrate the destructive consequences of ‘separate and equal’ policies and to mandate school integration in 1954.   

Today, more sophisticated  instruments, namely the Implicit Association Test, have been developed to assess implicit bias. These instruments indicate that black kids’ self-perception has improved since the 1940s. And yet, 50% continue to demonstrate an anti-black bias, according to a recent study.  

These findings reflect the enduring legacy of white supremacy and the effect of living in a racist society. “I’m really not shocked, I am sad to say,” says Dr. Julia Hare, a San Francisco psychologist. “If  you keep doing what you have always done, you’re going to keep getting what you have always had. Our children are bombarded with images every day that they see on television screens and on coffee tables; either the light-skinned female that everybody is pushing, or they give preference to the closest to white images.”

Importance of Positive Black Representation


Positive black representation in children’s books and also on television screens is an important next step in the struggle against anti-black bias.

“Society’s anti-black bias can be effectively counteracted with a pro-black bias,” Dr. Welansa Asrat, a New York-based specialist in cross-cultural psychiatry explains. “In psychiatry, we talk about risk factors for particular disorders. However, there are also protective factors that can minimize or diminish the impact of risk factors. Exposure to anti-black bias is a risk for internalized racism and low self-esteem. However, pro-black images can protect against that risk.”

Yet, fewer than 10% of the children’s books published in 2015 were about black people, according to a study by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC) at the University of Wisconsin. And while the number of children’s books about people of color has increased in the past 20 years, many black children often feel misrepresented or excluded from classroom curriculum. “What the low numbers for multicultural literature mean is that publishing for children and teens has a long way to go before reflecting the rich diversity of perspectives and experiences within and across race and culture,” according to Kathleen Horning, director of the CCBC.

Representation in film and television is equally important. “Media creates meaning about race and ethnicity, and plays an important role in shaping the way we understand race and ethnicity as part of our identity, our history, our social institutions, and our everyday lives,” according to the Critical Media Project the University of Southern California.

Although there isn’t a single or one dimensional representation of black people, many of the most common are based on disparaging stereotypes. “Historically, African Americans have been portrayed as athletes, gangsters, mammies, entertainers, welfare mothers, servants, drug dealers, video vixens, matriarchs, divas, deadbeat dads.” Based on these stereotypes, their behaviors are portrayed as “violent, lazy, animalistic, sexual, physical, and angry.”

Three Avenues for Positive Representation


If you are a parent of black children or a black teen looking, and you are looking for positive representation of black people, check out these three sources:

  1. The Village TV:  The network is specifically designed to create community and bridge communities through authentic representation of the many lifestyles lived by young people of color.
  2. Kweli TV:  Popularly coined “The Black Netflix,” Kweli TV is a network and app that offers independent films, news, documentaries, and educational content about the global black community. Content is accessible on demand via Smart TVs, Internet TV devices, tablets, smartphones, and computers.
  3. Callaloo: Callaloo is an educational children’s media brand that promotes cultural literacy and social education through books, animation, live performance, digital content, games, and arts education for children ages three and up.

Jared Brown currently coordinates a $25 million initiative at the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) designed to cultivate the next generation of African American innovators and entrepreneurs. He awards scholarships and administers an online entrepreneurship curriculum to more than 150 undergraduate scholars representing more than 40 colleges and universities. He also serves as operations director at Black upStart, an early stage social enterprise that supports entrepreneurs through the ideation and customer validation processes. He is a leading voice in the field of black entrepreneurship with publications appearing in Black Enterprise, Generation Progress at the Center for American Progress, and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Escape Now

paycheckDo you sometimes feel like you are robbing Peter to pay Paul?  Have you ever felt like there was more month than money? You are probably tired of spinning your wheels, falling behind on bills, and feeling like it is almost impossible for you to save money because you are living paycheck to paycheck.

If you are frustrated with being frustrated and are looking for ways to break the cycle, here are some ideas:

Give Your Money a Job


You work hard for your money, right? Most people do. Doesn’t it make sense to have your money ALWAYS working for you too? It’s time to start knowing where your money is going at all times and give your money a job.

One of the most commonly untracked expenses is food. Each month, set a limit on how much you will spend on food. If your food allowance for the month is $300, then stick to it. Do not look to your checking account balance for approval on going out to eat; just because there’s money in your account, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend it. Refer to your $300 monthly food allocation, and see if there’s enough to go out that evening.

One of the easiest ways to manage your food expenses is to withdraw a set amount of cash from the ATM each paycheck, based on your spending plan.  Get a nice envelope to store your cash and keep it in your wallet. Every time you purchase some sort of food or beverage, only use the cash that you set aside. You may find that three days before your next paycheck, there’s only $10 in your envelope, but that just means it’s time to look in the refrigerator and get creative for the next few days.

Prioritize Your Spending


As you begin assigning jobs for your money, you will find that some transactions do not align with your monthly spending plan. You may find yourself spending money just because you can see it or even out of boredom. Well, now’s the time to cut back on the unnecessary spending.

You can cut back on your expenses for shopping at stores like Target or Walmart. It’s perfectly fine to grab that one item you need, but oftentimes, we also end up buying eight or nine additional items that were not on your original list. Ask yourself, “If my income was cut in half this month, would this be something I would still need to purchase now, or can this wait until later?”

Other expenses that you can cut back on when you “only” spend $15 per day on lunch at work or during happy hour; “only” is really just a word we psychologically use to justify our bad spending habits. So, only spending $15 per day for more than half the week, causes you to spend almost $3,000 per a year. It’s only $3,000 that you probably didn’t need, right?

Oftentimes, what we buy are items that do not align with our long-term and short-term goals. Focusing on the goal is the only way we’ll score in life. Remind yourself of what’s important and prioritize what is a need, versus what is a want.

Bring in Some Extra Income


Finally, start looking to generate more cash flow. However, you should not begin focusing on making more money, until you are able to maintain the money you already have. Make sure that each dollar you bring in has a job assigned to it, before you turn your attention to bringing in additional income.

Once you’ve properly assigned roles for your money, understand that you cannot rely on just your paycheck to give you the life you want and deserve. Yes, a job may start the race, but it definitely won’t finish it.  Begin developing unique ways to make additional income.

One way to create additional income is by selling your old clothes and shoes. Everyone has old clothes that they barely wear or old shoes that they no longer want. Start reselling your clothes on places like Poshmark, Ebay, The RealReal, or, for men, Grailed.  This will help generate more income, without causing you to work tremendously hard for it.

Change Your Way of Thinking


You are going to feel like life is tight, and you may even feel like you’re giving up too much. You will get frustrated, and you will ultimately realize that managing your money, at first, isn’t fun. If this is truly how you feel, then you are on the RIGHT track. Change that negative outlook and realize that this temporary pain is setting you up for future prosperity.

Using your entire paycheck before it gets here isn’t fun. Not being able to take your dream vacation isn’t fun. Not being prepared for emergencies isn’t fun. If you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, you must change your habits. Ask yourself, “What matters more—spending all my money now, or becoming financially secure forever?” Whenever you find yourself wanting to give in, remind yourself of why you started.

Always remember that there are people making six figures who have financial issues. There are also people making $30,000 per year who are doing just fine financially. Most times, living paycheck to paycheck has more to do with one’s mindset around money versus their actual money. You do not have to continue living paycheck, unless you choose to. It is a lifestyle choice—it’s up to you to decide how long you are going to accept it.


Ashley M. Fox is a former Wall Street analyst, a Howard University grad is now an expert in her field as a Financial Architect. She is the founder of Empify (merging of the words EMPower and modIFY), an education- based organization created to help working professionals, small business owners and the youth build wealth from the ground up. Ashley focuses on the creation of life-altering curricula, informative digital content and interactive events curated to teach the basics of financial literacy. Ashley is a highly-sought after speaker, and she has been featured on empowerment tours, college campuses, and keynote speaking platforms. She has been featured on Jim Cramer’s “The Street”, Yahoo Finance, AOL, Philly.com, Huffington Post, and Glamour Magazine.

Twitter: @_Ashleymfox   Facebook: Ashley M. Fox

Ethiopie: les Oromos en colère après le mouvement de foule meurtrier

La ville éthiopienne de Bishoftu est en deuil après de la mort d’au moins une soixantaine de personnes piégées dans un mouvement de foule après des affrontements avec la police pendant le traditionnel festival oromo Irreecha. La région oromo est la plus importante du pays et est en proie à un vaste mouvement de contestation antigouvernemental.

Gabon: un nouveau gouvernement d’ouverture, mais sans ténors de l’opposition

Au Gabon, le nouveau Premier ministre Franck Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet a rendu public son nouveau gouvernement. Il compte 40 membres, exactement le même nombre que la précédente équipe. Le nouveau gouvernement est-il véritablement un gouvernement d’ouverture comme promis par Ali Bongo ?

Le Burkina Faso inaugure un mémorial dédié à Thomas Sankara

C’est une journée spéciale qui débute à Ouagadougou, une journée d’hommage à Thomas Sankara. Un mémorial dédié au capitaine président assassiné le 15 octobre 1987 est inauguré ce dimanche 2 octobre. L’idée : mettre en avant l’histoire, les idéaux du père de la révolution, créer un lieu de mémoire, de recueillement.

How Non-Techies Can Break Into the Tech World

techYou are attracted to all of the potential hype, money, and allure of Silicon Valley—and you want in. However, you do not know how to code or may have never worked in tech before.

So, how do you become part of the tech world? Startup Grind offers some good advice.

Startup Grind is a global community for entrepreneurs. This community expands over 85 countries and includes 400,000 entrepreneurs. Breaking into the technology scene, they advise that it “remains a feat, slowly and deliberately accomplished.”

Investor Semil Shah of Haystack Ventures offers specifics for making it in the tech space:

  • Follow your interests.
  • Help every good person you meet; and not just follow-up help, go above and beyond what they expect.
  • Make diligence, listening, and doing what you say you’re going to do habitual.

Other Great Advice From Startup Grind


Look for cross-functional relation programs. That phrase is a mouthful, but it simply refers to programs companies, such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Box, and Visa, that offer college students and recent grads the chance to intern in different departments throughout their companies. The great thing about these opportunities is that they are tailored to those who are not seeking engineering roles at tech companies.

You can read a list of undergraduate and graduate cross-functional programs at some of the largest tech companies here.

Understanding Tech Startup Founders


Another post gave pointers on landing a job at a hot tech startup.

Startup founders are real people who do things, such as hang out with friends, worry about funding, and get annoyed about the same things we all do in daily life. They do a lot during the day, and they constantly wonder if doing something is worth the effort. They make decisions about what to do based on what the ROI will yield, and they love when things are “short, insightful, and immediately actionable,” such as email communications. Also, they are passionate.

You must learn to become a professional stalker— not in a scary, creepy. But, finding the email of the founder whose company you want to join, keeping up on that company’s news, and knowing who its competitors can only help you.



This Organization of Black Men Helps You Go To College For Free

free moneyThe 100 Black Men of Chicago, the windy city’s preeminent mentoring organization for young, African American men and women, will host its fourteenth annual College Scholarship Fair at the UIC Pavilion on Saturday, October 8, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

More than 5,000 high school seniors, juniors, and sophomores from the Chicago area—including downstate Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri—will meet with recruiters from more than 250 colleges and universities. At the College Scholarship Fair, recruiters are prepared to make instant admissions decisions and offer scholarships.

Over the previous 13 years of the College Scholarship Fair’s history, millions of dollars in scholarship money has been offered to students, making college possible and more manageable for many. Additionally, community-based organizations and corporate partners conduct educational workshops at the fair to help students better understand and navigate the college admissions process.

“The College Scholarship Fair provides a counter-narrative to the negative headlines about youth in our community,” said Carl Tutt, president of the board of the 100 Black Men of Chicago, in a statement. “We know that education is key to reducing violence; however, for many of our African American students, financial ability is a barrier to higher education. The 100 Black Men of Chicago’s College Scholarship Fair shows what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and how it can change the course of a young person’s life.”

The 100 Black Men of Chicago focuses on mentoring, education, health and wellness, and more, at the following sites: South Side, Bronzeville Scholastic Institute; West Side, Build Inc.; South Suburbs, South Suburban College, Oak Forest; West Side, Michele Clark; and Western Suburbs, Quad County Urban League.

The organization also partners with the University of Illinois Chicago’s African American Advisory Council, which was formed to address the disparities in the hiring of African American administration and staff, and in the number of African Americans in the university’s student body. The 100 Black Men of Chicago is also a member of the Mayor’s Cabinet working on My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative of the Obama White House.

You can follow the conversation about the Chicago Scholarship Fair on social media using #100BMC and #CSF. 

Student registration for the College Scholarship Fair is free of charge.

To complete your free registration, click here.

You can also contact the 100 Black Men of Chicago by:
Phone: (312) 372-1262
Email: admin@100bmc.org