Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common types of dementia which is found to occur among old people. It is a disorder of the brain which seriously affects the ability of a person to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Alzheimer’s disease starts gradually and initially involves parts of the brain which are involved in controlling language, thought and memory of patients who may have trouble in remembering names and recent activities. Mild cognitive impairment is a relative problem which can cause abnormal problems with memory in comparison with normal people of the same age. However, only some cases of mild cognitive impairment caused dye to ageing eventually develop into Alzheimer’s disease.

Three Basic Stages of Alzheimer’s disease

While some stages of Alzheimer’s are recognized, the course of the disease varies from one person to another. The three major stages upon which most doctors agree include mild (early stage), moderate (middle stage) and severe (late stage). Some doctors list up to seven stages, but this is generally done by breaking up these three major stages into subsets. These three major stages of Alzheimer’s disease are defined by certain signs and symptoms. However, there may be some cases of Alzheimer’s disease where the patient may be having some symptoms which have crossed over into other stages.

Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

There are some early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease which are commonly recognized by doctors from all around the world. Alzheimer’s patients are commonly found to have reduced ability in planning or problem-solving along with difficulty in completing familiar tasks normally performed at leisure, in home or at work. Most often these people are also confused due to loss of understanding of time and of the day. They are also found to have difficulty in understanding spatial relationships and visual images alongside memory loss which disrupts their daily life.

Other Common Symptoms Associated with Alzheimer’s disease

Problems with speaking or writing is also common with Alzheimer’s disease patients. These patients will be found to misplace items in unusual places and subsequently find it difficult to retrace steps in order to find them. Other symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s patients include decreased or poor judgment in dealing with finances or personal hygiene, avoiding work or social activities and lastly changes in mood, behavior and personality as well for some people. Nevertheless, some of these signs and symptoms are occasionally possible due to age-related changes in a person, but in case they are causing any worry to a person, they should see a healthcare professional for evaluation and Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

Alzheimer’s disease Treatment in India

Alzheimer’s disease treatment in India is comparable to the best that is available in the developed Western countries. Along with the high quality of treatment, Alzheimer’s disease treatment cost in India is highly affordable and in fact just a fraction of what patients may end up paying in other healthcare havens across the world. In fact, medical tourism in India is a golden opportunity for internationals patients who are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare within their homeland and are therefore seeking affordable medical solutions in other countries like India.