Reasons to buy iphone7

As the iPhone7 hits the stores, the world is again ready to enjoy some features of advanced technology, blended with beauty and sophistication. If you are a geek, the iPhone7 is a must buy for you, for the following reasons:

Great Battery Life
If the battery life of iPhone series has always disappointed you, it is a time for change. The iPhone7 comes with an enormous battery life; it has a battery life of 1955 mAh. The battery efficiency has also been enhanced with the introduction of iOS 10 and A10 fusion chip.

Unparalleled Camera
Though the camera is still at 12 MP, it promises brighter pictures. The sensor has been made larger to bring in more light; Apple claims that 50% more light is ensured by the larger camera sensor. The camera is more stunning with increased shutter speed, color reproduction and optical image stabilization. The 2x zooming capability is also worth mentioning. The best part about the camera is the AI powered image signal processor. This software can detect objects and scenes in a picture and automatically adjust the camera to suit the same. Users also have the option to choose between telephoto lens and wide angle photo shooting. It also allows two different focal lengths. If you speak of the front/ facetime camera, it is powerful 7 mega pixels; offering seamless video chat experience and crystal clear selfies.

Water Proof
Your iPhone7 is less prone to water hazards. It is completely water proof which means it is more durable and easy to use in water prone areas.It can even be submerged in water for as long as 30 minutes. Moreover, the iPhone7 becomes a device for tough job as it is also dust resistant.

Infinite Storage
Internal storage increases with iPhone7. The internal memory space is now 32 GB which was earlier 16 GB. Hence now store games with enormous graphics, high quality snaps easily on your iPhone7.

Wireless Air Pods
iPhones are unique and the wireless Air pods from Apple makes you distinct from the crowd. Iphone7 is compatible to wireless Air pods and hence now you can use the voice assistant Siri just tapping on the. You can also enjoy 5-hour continuous playback on the pods on a single charge, which is awesome.

3D experience
The home button of iPhone7 is force touch sensitive and is powered by a Taptic Engine, which means now tapping on the home button of iPhone7 will give you the same sensation when you touch a 3D screen.

Amazing Audio
iPhone7 will be loved by music and movie lovers. It has exquisite stereo speakers, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the display; boosting its dynamic range with enhanced sound quality. Last but not the least; it is lighter with just 138g weight.

Hence, new processors, powerful cameras and large storage space; iPhone7 is back with a bang. If you love technology and want to be a step ahead of time, iPhone7 is your perfect companion.