Which Cancer Treatment is Right for You?

Almost 70 percent of children with cancer are effectively cured with treatments. Hodgkin’s lymphoma, testicular cancer & several other types of blood cancers are also cured in adults with treatments that are presently available. Most cases of skin cancers are also curable with help of surgery. Thyroid cancer & cancer of the larynx can effectively be cured with radiotherapy. Other ways to fight cancer involve simple lifestyle changes. These include eating more fruits & vegetables, eliminating refined sugars, carbohydrates & oils, getting enough of essential fatty acids like Omega 3 & consuming organic foods as far as possible while spending enough time out in the sun for vitamin D or taking vitamin D supplements in case it is not possible.

Stages of Cancer in General

Most types of cancers generally have 4 stages. Numbered from 1 to 4, Stage 1 & 2 basically indicates early cancer which can be usually eliminated with treatments. Stage 3 indicates that the cancer is now larger than where & how it began. Cancer at this stage may also have started spreading to other surrounding tissue including the lymph nodes in the nearby areas. Stage 4 is the last & means that cancerous cells have now spread from the primary site where they began to other tissues & organs of the body.

Common Types of Cancer Treatments

Cancer Surgery

There are several people with cancer who have undergone surgery & got cured of cancer. This is especially possible when cancer is contained in the localized areas. Cancer surgery in such cases is the best option for removal of cancerous cells along with a margin of healthy tissue located nearby. Cancer surgery offers great chance of cure in many types of cancer. In several cases removal of cancerous tumor is additionally beneficial in case it is blocking a passage or putting pressure on nerves or organs located nearby. Other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy may also either be used before or after alongside cancer surgery.

Radiation Therapy for Cancer

This therapy is mostly used got treating localized cancers; cancers which are contained in one region. Radiation energy is meant to damage or destroy cancerous cells so that they do not grow back. This therapy is at times used alone or in combination with chemotherapy or cancer surgery. It is also a fact that more than 50 percent of cancer patients use radiation therapy at some point of time. However, there are side effects of radiation therapy which vary from one patient to another. Patients must therefore ensure to talk to the healthcare team about this prior to undergoing radiation therapy.


This is a cancer treatment which involves strong drugs which are administered either orally or intravenously. However, in many cases combinations of various chemotherapy drugs are utilized. Moreover, these drugs can effectively treat cancers which have spread throughout the body as they move through the bloodstream. Chemotherapy drugs are given for several reasons depending upon the stage & type of cancer. Side effects of chemo drugs depend upon the type of drug & the quantity that is taken alongside duration of the treatment. However, most side effects can be controlled with supportive medicines or by changing the schedule of treatments.


These are newer types of cancer treatments which use drugs that are different from chemotherapy. Also known as biologic therapies, immunotherapy treatment utilizes the patient’s own immune system lessen or fight side effects of other cancer treatments. Different types of immunotherapy work in different ways like some can slow or stop growth of cancer cells & help healthy immune cells control cancer or help in repairing normal cells which have been damaged by other cancer treatments.

Targeted Therapy

This therapy also involves drugs which specifically target gene changes which help growth of cancerous cells by attacking their inner workings, which is what makes them different from the normal healthy cells. However, these targeted therapy drugs are found to have different set of side effects than chemo drugs. Nevertheless, targeted drugs are often given alongside standard chemotherapy drugs and/or other treatments for cancer.

Future of Cancer Treatments

Clinical trials which are conducted today are in fact future of cancer treatments. They are basically meant to test is a newer treatment is effective & safe as a treatment procedure. These future of cancer treatments also explore newer ways to diagnose, treat or prevent cancer. However, these are conducted only when there is good reason to believe that test, treatment or procedure under study is better than the ones which are presently serving the purpose. Quite often, treatments under clinical trials are found to provide real benefits along with fewer side effects.