10 great ways to lose weight and burn fat naturally

Losing weight is the best way to stay healthy but it requires a bit of discipline on your part. A large piece of creamy cake may be enticing but remember that it has a lot of fat and will ruin your weight loss routine. Read on for the top 10 tips that can help you get ship-shape quickly.

Exercise: Working out on a regular basis is the best way to burn calories. If hitting the gym seems like a herculean task, try jogging, cycling, walking or even running. A combination of cardio and resistance exercises can really help you lose those extra kilos.
Switch to proteins: Proteins have a lot of nutrients and boost your metabolism hugely. It helps you feel full all day and you tend to snack on other foods less.
Say ‘no’ to processed food: Eating healthy and home-made food is the best way to tackle weight issues. Consume more on fruits and vegetables rather than canned food or even fast food items. Yoghurt, nuts, carrots, apples and other whole fruits should be added to your daily food. Carbonated water and beverages should be strictly avoided.
Cut-down sweets: Sugar is necessary for the body but for every cup of tea the amount of sweet consumed can be alarming. Try drinking unsweetened tea and sugar for as long as you intend to lose weight. Artificial sweeteners may be unhealthy and should be avoided.
Drink water: Staying hydrated is very important if you want to shed kilos. It helps to flush away all the harmful stuff from your system and curb appetite. Water-weight initially may be an issue but the more your body stays hydrated the more it will not retain weight.
Consume less sodium: Sodium increases body weight and should be limited to a minimum. It reduces water retention and makes you look bloated.
Stopping snacking: Eat a full and heavy meal consisting of a balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals. This should stop the habit of snacking and cut down on the extra weight gain. Finger foods, burgers only make the body shapeless and add extra kilos.
Eat a chocolate: Being sinful once in a while is not harmful. If your sweet urge is really hard try a dark chocolate. The flavonoid present in the chocolate curbs the sugar craving and slows down the absorption of sugar in the body. It also helps to control the craving for fat and salt. However, keep in mind that at least 70 per cent of the chocolate should be cocoa because sugar and milk only add to the fat content.
Get sufficient sleep: While you are trying hard to lose weight and control your food urges, make sure that you get enough sleep as well. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for adults. It is important to rest the body and allow it to function properly.
Lead a routine life: Everything has a definite time and you should stick to it. Make a proper routine surrounding your schedule and your weight loss program and don’t budge from it. You will get results.

11 tips to help you become a productivity powerhouse

Being productive every single day is important not only for accounting purpose in an office but also for self satisfaction. Whether you travel all the way to an office or have turned your house into one, leading a disciplined life and making days count is important for a sense of accomplishment. Listed below are the 11 golden ways to do the same:

Prioritizing tasks and assigning a particular deadline for each is necessary. Take some time in the morning and list them as “urgent”, “important” or “unimportant”. Tackling work that has been put off for long can offer peace of mind and get that heavy feeling off your chest. Procrastination can spell doom for productivity.
Don’t waste time checking mails and answering them. Keep that work for the lazy afternoons because mornings are for greater productive works. Think of something great and write it down in your diary. Written records are important but they can be very time consuming and create a vicious cycle.
Clean your table. This may not sound very impressive but the fact remains that clutter inhibits fresh and constructive thinking. Getting rid of the garbage can have a positive effect on your work.
Working on a routine enhances productivity. So, get up early in the morning at around 5 and make a great start. Great people like Thomas Edison or even John Grisham led a routine life and worked on their productivity through devotion towards work. An organized lifestyle offers plenty of room for organized thinking and gives way to productivity.
Multi-tasking may seem like the buzzword these days but in the end it reduces productivity by at least 5 per cent. Being mono-maniacal and working with complete focus is the key to greater productivity.
Daily workouts are great for fitness and act as a stress-buster. Enhanced energy will offer more productivity and focus. In fact, it is best to work out twice a day (one in the morning and another in the evening).
Making a to-do list is important but it is equally important to create a “not-to-do” list. Strike out work that need not be done.
Commuting takes up much of the productive time which can be utilized for gaining knowledge. Try reading an e-book or listening to a podcast while going to office or home. More knowledge means more productivity.
Do things right at the first attempt. Continuous efforts also mean losing out of precious time.
Spending less time in meetings can enhance productivity. In a two-hour meeting hardly 20minutes of time is truly useful. The remaining part is used in gossip and meaningless discussions.
Dumping the TV and spending less time on the phone can help in focusing more time on work. You will be saving a lot on electricity as well.
Minimizing distractions can improve focus and give massive results only if you have enough tenacity and are bullish about your work. Being available to everyone will not enhance your productivity. It’s time to shut the door and think!