Trinity is a Function (Poem by Jean-Marc Kouevidjin)


I am alive because of you
I breathe with your nose
You eat with my mouth,
With my hands you eat
With your feet I walk
I think not of me but of you
You think not of you but of God
For the child whose tears I wipe,
There is joy in heaven.
For the beautiful words you spoke into my ears
There is joy in heaven.
So mesmerized was I when I look into the water of life and saw my reflection as you.
Oh so you are me? Oh so I am you,
When you eat I am full,
When I laugh you are happy.
Am I an orphan when you are my dad? Am I an orphan when you are me?
Am I lost when you found me?
Why is it that when I hold your hands, It is my own that I hold?
In the end the sacred wisdom has a proof,
This proof is a function that is bijective and transitive, a derivative as an exponential, linear as curved, a point and a line, multi-dimensional as a circle, a word as an action, a thought as a word, many and one,
Trinity is still one. Will you join in?

By Jean-Marc Kouevidjin
From my book The rise of the African child